The Craige Ingram Mystery Series
Brutal murders, a banking conspiracy, blackmail, larcenous rip-offs, and a psychotic killer motivated by pure pleasure; train wrecks and deadly assassins doing business with a rich mercenary selling biotoxins, rare stamps, deadly nerve gases, and smuggled nuclear material; lust, greed, body parts and unrestrained wild sex parties—these are the things facing wealthy Southron, ex-SEAL, part-time private investigator Craige Ingram in this mystery-thriller series.
Historical Fiction
It is July 1859, and a blood tide of civil war is sweeping across the South toward Moccasin Hollow, the ancestral non-slave home of the Ingrams, and the adjoining Wisteria Bend , the vast slave-holding plantation of Andrew and Corinthia Greer. Generations of long- accepted traditions are being threatened as well as their lives.
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Science Fiction
Times are good…full barns, fat gelf calves and large families thrive among the sprawling grain fields and hamlets and the river from which they derive their name—the Feldon.  Word comes with the trade caravans that times are not so good in the regions far to the east of the Feldon River:  tumultuous changes stir among the remote province of Bleikovia.
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