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THE CRAIGE INGRAM - Mystery Series


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Printed Version: 266 pages Kindle Version: Available Publisher: Wandering Sage, LLC Language: English ISBN-10: 1933300426 ISBN-13: 978-1933300429
In   the   spacious   den   of   Moccasin   Hollow,   his   ancestral   South   Carolina   home,   part-time   PI,   exNavy   SEAL   Craige   Ingram   examines   a   platinum   brooch   designed   like a   dragonfly   inside   a   jeweler's   box   that   he   has   discovered   at   the   crime   scene   of   Corpsewood   Manor.   It   is   a   remarkable   piece   of   art...its   wings   and   body   worked   in exceptional   detail.   Focusing   toward   the   expected   bulbous   round   eyes,   his   suspicions   jar   full   throttle.   Instead   of   a   head,   the   empty   sockets   of   a   skull   leer   at   him.   His gut   feeling's   tell   him   his   SEAL   buddy   Grayson   MacGerald's   investigation   is   considerably   more   than   arson   and   a   double   murder   trying   to   hide   the   theft   of   classic automobiles.   The   smoldering   rubble   of   secluded   Corpsewood   Manor   leads   Ingram   and   another   of   their   SEAL   Team,   Colorado Aspen   ski   buddy   Spinner   Krespinak, into a seedy tangle of smuggling crisscrossed and an unexpected encounter with a dead assassin from one of Spinner's "closed" cases.
Nominated for: The Eric Hoffer Award The Chautauqua Prize Augusta Literary Festival Award
BBlast review by:  Jo Ann HAKOLA -  Journey of a Bookseller, The Book Faerie, 12/17/2013 Craige   and   Spinner   are   ex-seals.      They're   retired   from   the   service   and   have   their   own   careers   now.      The   problem   is   that   when   one   becomes   a   seal,   you   might retire, but you're still a seal. The   author   and   Goddess   Fish   Blog Tours   shared   a   copy   of   this   ebook   with   me   for   review   (thank   you).      It   has   been   published,   so   check   with   your   local   bookstore   for a copy. For   some   reason,   I   expected   a   more   laid-back   story   about   a   murder   mystery.      You   throw   some   seals   into   the   mix   and   the   words   laid-back   don't   apply.      Mr. MacKinney   writes   a   busy   dangerous   tale   with   two   dead   bodies   in   the   beginning.      There's   also   a   "dead"   body   walking   around   alive;   it's   Spinner's   love   from   the   past.     Craige is wishing she'd go back to being dead; she double-crossed them on assignment.  No such luck. The   pace   picks   up   when   Craige   is   interviewing   someone   on   the   arson   site   who   shouldn't   be   there.      The   guy   wasn't   telling   him   anything   and   when   his   head   blows apart,   it's   apparent   he   won't   be   in   the   future   either.      With   the   lost   love   around,   both   men   are   suspicious   she   might   be   involved   in   their   case.      It's   possible,   but   there has to be more to it than that. These big boys play tough and are determined to find out going out what's going on.  The only problem they have is the other side is playing tough, too. It's a fast read that keeps your attention and makes you wonder how it's all going to end.  I enjoyed the read, why don't you give it a try?
Volume IV of the Craige Ingram Mystery Series