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THE CAIRNS OF SAINCTUARIE - Science Fiction Series


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 Printed Version: 258 Pages    Kindle Version: Available            Publisher: Sage Words Publishing, LLC            Language: English              ISBN-10: 09-91501454              ISBN-13: 978-0991501458
Reviewer: TMP Review Tour/Its Raining Books - 12/10/14 My Review: This   book   is   the   second   in   a   series,   but   can   definitely   be   read   as   a   standalone.   The   events   happen   generations   after   the   events   of   The   Cairns   of   Sainctuarie:   The Bleikovat Event. Mr.   MacKinney   is   a   talented   and   skilled   writer. The   detail   and   the   research   he   has   done   is   evident   in   this   work.   It   is   pure   science   fiction—not   SFF—so   don't   pick   this book up expecting a light read. It's not overly long (less than 250 pages), but it's not a quick read. However, if you are a SF fan it is well worth taking a look at it. There   are   many   characters   and   I   had   trouble   at   first   sorting   out   who   was   who,   but   once   I   got   into   the   story,   things   fell   more   in   place.   And,   I   liked   the characters—cheering them on when things got tough and worrying about them when they find themselves in difficulty. As you can see from the following excerpt, there is a lot of action going on--this book would make an outstanding action movie (Hollywood, are you listening?). I hope Mr. MacKinney has more stories for us about The Cairns of Sainctuarie . 4 flowers.
Reviewer: TMP Review Tour/Straight From The Library/Librarian Judith - 12/17/14       This book is a wonderful addition to the Cairns of Sainctuarie  series. This is hard SF...think Larry Niven. On   an   adventure   level,   we   have   Terato   and   the   Myr   worlds   under   attack   and   Eklam   and   Korvo   working   desperately   to   find   answers   and   resolve   the   issue.   On   a relationship level, we have the friendship and partnership of Ek and Korvo. Mr.   MacKinney   is   a   fine   writer   who   has   his   world-building   down   pat.   I'm   thankful   he   included   a   glossary   at   the   end   of   the   book--while   some   things   I   understood based on context, it was nice to be able to verify that. And, there were other things I needed the glossary for. Because   of   the   science   involved,   it   could   be   a   difficult   book   to   read--it's   definitely   not   a   book   you   can   skim   through   or   read   while   other   things   are   going   on.   But,   if you   are   a   fan   of   hard   science   fiction,   this   is   definitely   a   series   you   will   want   to   check   out.   It's   not   necessary   to   read   the   first   book   in   the   series;   it   deals   with   the historical background of this time, but it does give you a feel for the people. You can definitely pick up the series with this book, though. My rating: 4/5
Reviewer: TMP Review Tour/MAD Hoydenish - 1/7/15 MY REVIEW As   with   The   Bleikovat   Event   (volume   one   in   The   Cairns   of   Santuarie    series),   MacKinney   excels   in   building   a   world   that   is   unique   and   filled   with   intrigue   for   The Missing Planets . The Missing Planets  is a true science fiction   novel that doesn't make for fast reading, but is definitely enjoyable. I   especially   enjoyed   the   relationship   between   Eklam   and   Korvo.   Their   struggle   to   find   answers   and   solutions   kept   me   on   my   reading   toes   to   the   very   end.   There   are a lot of world-specific terms and science-related discussions. I found  the glossary to be very helpful in bridging brief gaps in my understanding. The   Missing   Planets    offers   complex   world   building,   well-researched   issues,   and   lots   of   action.   I   found   myself   plotting   movie   scenes   as   I   read   the   book.   While   the majority of its fans will likely be science fiction lovers, I think that The Missing Planets  has appeal for sci-fantasy readers as well. The   Missing   Planets    is   the   second   volume   in   The   Cairns   of   Santuarie    series,   but   can   be   read   as   a   standalone.   The   events   of   volume   two   happen   some   years   after the events of volume one. If you like to know the whole story, like me, I'd recommend reading The Bleikovat Event  as well. You can see my review of it here .
Volume II of the Cairns of Sainctuarie Since Fiction Series