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ALABAMA VAULT   OF   SECRETS...very   intriguing   page   after   page,   can't   wait   for   your   next   book   -   a   good   addition   to   the   genre   -   left   me   hanging   till I could get to the resolutions. I   can't   believe   the   way   you   paint   with   words   such   vivid   pictures   with   words.   The   characters   come   alive   in   the   historically   accurate scenes of MOCCASIN            TRACE.   I   couldn't   put   it   down.   I'm   also   an   avid   mystery   fan--please   let   me   know   the   minute   your   anthologia trilogy is released. ARIZONA   Loved VAULT OF SECRETS, can't wait to read NYMROD RESURRECTION. MOCCASIN TRACE was a great read--I thoroughly enjoyed it--many thanks for sharing your talent. I can hardly wait for its sequel-- THE HAWKS OF BELLE GLEANN. ARKANSAS I   couldn't   put   MOCASSIN TRACE   down.   Stayed   up   way   passed   when   I   should've   turned   out   the   light.   My   friends   borrow   it   over   &   over. The book's in tatters. I loved it...even the rough parts. COLORADO I felt connected to the characters you developed...found myself unable to put the book down. VAULT OF SECRETS describes the superficial tinsel of the glitzy tourist ski world very well. GEORGIA MOCCASIN TRACE... wonderful! One of the best books I have read this year. A must read... Our family has the same kind of saints and sinners... can't wait to read NYMROD RESURRECTION. Love VAULT OF SECRETS... thank you for the bound galleys. I'm thrilled to know you've started a sequel - can hardly wait! MOCCASIN TRACE is like you're painting a picture with words. I enjoy the easy reading of your thrillers, VAULT OF SECRETS & NYMROD RESURRECTION, The dialogue sounds so much like the way your family speaks, & the twists & turns kept me guessing. HAWAII It was nice meeting you in Maui. I enjoyed the Aspen chase in VAULT OF SECRETS very much. INDIANA The characters in MOCCASIN TRACE are so real. I couldn't put it down. MOCCASIN TRACE is a great love story - its characters come alive in all their conflicts & cares. KANSAS MOCCASIN TRACE came alive with your vivid & descriptive imagery. You promised a sequel. When's it coming out? Kudos to you! VAULT OF SECRETS... a great read. I thoroughly enjoyed the adventure. KENTUCKY Interesting characters in VAULT OF SECRETS with an exciting ending to the very last paragraph. To   be   around   Hawk   Mackinney   is   to   know   that   a   yarn   is   being   spun.   Reading   MOCCASIN   TRACE,   you   know   the   story   being   told   is filled with impeccable research and truth. Plus the glossary of old English dialects is a big help.    Thanks Hawk... MIDWEST MOCCASIN   TRACE   -   Childhood   sweethearts   growing   up   during   Civil   War   time.   Lots   of   research   by   Author.   A   romance,   comming   of age, Civil War, family and the list goes on. If you haven't read it add this one to your list!!    A.Blake NORTH CAROLINA You have the most interesting women characters in anything I've read, including bodice ripper romances. OHIO I   could   not   put   VAULT   OF   SECRETS   down.   I   had   the   feeling   you   were   personally   narrating   the   story   for   me.   I   was   impressed   with clues,   specially   the   red   herrings   meant   to   mislead,   &   particularly   enjoyed   the   military   aspects   of   characters   like   Paul   Stanley.   We   owe our   freedoms   to   people   such   as   the   Stanleys.   Your   knowledge   of   the   military   made   it   all   believable,   specially   the   portrayal   of   some   of the unfortunate soldiers that fell victim. I look forward to your next book. OKLAHOMA Anyone knowing you will know the characters in MOCCASIN TRACE are exactly like your family. I   put   all   my   other   reading   aside   for   VAULT   OF   SECRETS.   It   was   full   of   surprises,   the   characters   sprang   from   the   pages,   specially Spinner & Frannie. I'm looking forward to MOCCASIN TRACE and NYMROD RESURRECTION, & hope to see some of the serial characters in them. SOUTH CAROLINA Could   hardly   put   VAULT   OF   SECRETS   down!   You   get   attached   to   the   characters,   &   I'm   anxious   to   learn   what   happens   to   them   in NYMROD RESURRECTION. can't   wait   to   read   some   of   your   other   ones   -   let   me   know   when   you   have   another   book   signing...I'll   bring   my   friends   from   our   table   at the BBQ. Be sure & let me know when your next one comes out.    I   read   VAULT   OF   SECRETS   in   one   night.   You   have   a   way   with   descriptive   words.   I   could   visualize   every   scene,   and   the   ending   was   a surprise. TEXAS MOCCASIN   TRACE   hooked   me.   Contrary   to   my   upbringing   that   demanded   steady   work   during   daylight   hours,   I   sat   down   yesterday afternoon   and   indulged   myself   all   the   way   through.   It   captures   the   rhythm   of   plantation   life   and   longings   in   the   Civil   War   South.   The saga pulls the reader into the love story/family saga. Details are finely nutured in language that feels like poetry. A history buff's delight! I   know   people   just   like   those   in   your   much   more   I   would   identify   with   the   characters   if   I   knew   other   authors   as   well   as you. WYOMING MOCCASIN   TRACE   is   a   thoroughly   enchanting   read.   Sharing   the   heartbeats   &   heartaches   with   Hamilton   &   Sarah   keeps   one   turning the pages. In   your   book   VAULT   OF   SECRETS,   the   characters   sprang   from   the   pages.   It   was   full   of   surprises,   the   characters   sprang   from   the pages,   specially   Spinner   &   Frannie.   Frannie   came   alive...   vibrant   and   full   of   life.   I   so   want   to   see   her   in   a   sequel;   her   character redeemed. Looking forward to your upcoming books, & eager to see more of the serial characters in them. I am so proud of you.