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By Hawk MacKinney
Hidden   Chamber   of   Death   is   a   compelling   tale   of   intrigue,   murder, deception   and   suspense   that   leads   retired   Navy   SEAL/part-time private   investigator   Craige   Ingram   in   search   of   the   connection between   seemingly   random   murders   and   a   banking   conspiracy.     Working   with   the   local   homicide   investigator,   who   just   happens   to be   a   former   Navy   buddy,   Craige   Ingram's   attempts   to   protect   a lonely   widow   and   solve   the   case   before   another   person   dies   are only   thwarted   by   a   psychotic   killer   whose   motivation   is   based   on pure   depraved   pleasure.      In   this   first   book   of   the   MOCCASIN HOLLOW   MYSTERY   SERIES,   the   instincts   and   skills   Ingram   and his buddy acquired as Navy SEALS are tested to their limits.

Hidden Chamber of Death

Book 1 Mocassin Hollow Mystery Series
Moccasin Hollow Mystery Series
It was about the land... A tale of war and loss and love and hope... It   is   July   1859.   Young   lovers   from   privileged   families,   Hamilton Ingram   and   Sarah   Greer   are   swept   into   the   upheaval,   the   tragic loss   of   loved   ones,   of   everything   that   is   their   world.   Their   bonds   of love   tested,   of   resolute   determination   set   against   the   devastating turmoil   that   comes   to   Queensborough   Towne   in   the   rolling   farm country of east Georgia.
MOCCASIN TRACE Historical Romance The Bleikovat Event
Nominated for: The Eric Hoffer Award The Chautauqua Prize
Nominated for... The Michael Shaara Award for Excellence in Civil War Fiction and The Writers Notes Book Award
THE MISSING PLANETS Volume II of The Cairns Of Sainctuarie
A   fundamental   abhorrence   to   war   was   molded   into   the   Murian race,   and   would   build   a   Murian   Intergalactic   Empire,   perhaps   one greater   than   an   ancient   civilization   which   had   fallen   long   before the   upheavals   of   the   Malfesian   War.   The   near-extinct   Lantaraans had   battled   an   even   older   enemy   among   the   star   paths   of   galactic reaches. An   enemy   who   would   have   its   own   s'   bleikovaat;   change the   many   worlds   of   Murian   and   Lantaraan,   and   place   the   Klarvkon Dynasty between peace and extinction. The   setting   of   Terato’s   two   suns   at   the   end   of   that   day   stopped   his short boyhood and started another life.   At   dawnlit   an   unnoticeable   day   that   came   to   be   marked   in   all   their tomorrows;   happenings   that   set   changes   in   motion   far   beyond what anyone could foreknow.  The   Murians…   offering   to   build   an   outpost   that   would   be   included with    an    already-ancient    Confederated    League    of    Allied    Star Systems.    But…from    the    uncharted    reaches    between    galaxies, attacks   of   extraordinary   weaponry   came   against   Terato   and   the Myr worlds of the Murians.
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The Cairns of Sainctuarie Science Fiction Series
Moccasin TraceHistorical Fiction The Craige IngramMystery Series

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Considered for... The PEN/Faulkner Fiction Award
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The    Indian    Queen    would    risk    torture    and    worse    to    keep    her secrets   from   these   barbarians   in   suits   of   metal   and   their   search   for cities   of   gold.   They   never   found   the   gold.   Empires   rose;   empires fell,   the   centuries   passed.   Legend   became   fireside   myths,   but   no treasure   was   ever   found.   Yet,   among   the   grey-green   drapes   of wisteria   and   wild   jasmine   along   the   misty   shrouded   lowlands   of bayous   and   marshes   of   the   Westo   River,   the   folktales   persisted.   In the   lazed   creep   of   a   near-tropical   dawn   lit   the   pungent   Turkish coffee    permeated    Moccasin    Hollow.    Beyond    the    kitchen    door Lucky,    Craige    Ingram’s    German    shepherd    gnawed    a    favorite bone.   Looted   burial   mounds   seemed   a   world   away   until   plundered mounds   on   Moccasin   Hollow   land   brings   amateur   archaeologist   PI Craige     Ingram     into     the     cross-hairs     of     kidnapping.     Stealthy hideaways   are   concealed   in   old   colonial   brick-lined   river   grottoes beneath   the   big   house   of   Ardochy   plantation.   Sex-tape   underage blackmail    and    thrill    killings    on    federal    land    spur    a    medical examiner’s   preliminary   postmortem   to   more   than   a   hired   cleaner’s quickie    cover-up    passed    off    as    drug    deals    gone    sour.    Greed tangles    a    witch’s    pigswill    of    illicit    affairs    and    murder-to-hide- murder.     Shady     investigators     and     shadier     politics     stir     an unexpected    concoction    that    threatens    the    lives    of    those    at Moccasin   Hollow   in   a   spiteful   plot   against   ex-SEAL   Craige   Ingram and the woman he loves.
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Among   the   close-kin   clans   of   western   rural   Malfesian   Murians, farming    and    gelf    ranches    are    long    held    traditions.       Times    are good…full   barns,   fat   gelf   calves   and   large   families   thrive   among the   sprawling   grain   fields   and   hamlets   and   the   river   from   which they   derive   their   name—the   Feldon.      Word   comes   with   the   trade caravans   that   times   are   not   so   good   in   the   regions   far   to   the   east of   the   Feldon   River:      tumultuous   changes   stir   among   the   remote province   of   Bleikovia.      Old   timer   Feldovats   shrug   it   off   as   one more     squabble     between     clans     over     boundaries     or     water rights…too   distant   to   affect   the   Feldovats.      The   western   clans learn   too   late,   however,   it   is   no   local   squabble.      Outnumbered   and unprepared,   Feldovats   try   to   resist   a   hoard   bent   on   plunder   and conquest    as    days    of    battle    along    the    Feldon    River    stain    the riverbanks    in    green    Murian    blood.    Little    do    they    realize,    the Klarvkon   Dynasty   and   the   Murians   have   started   a   journey   toward an   intergalactic   golden   age,   and   a   star-flung   destiny   the   Feldovats could never have envisaged.