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Printed Version: 250 Pages Kindle Version: Available Publisher: Sage Words Publishing, LLC Language: English ISBN-10: 09-97096217 ISBN-13: 978-0997096217
By Hawk MacKinney
Reviewer: Dhivya Balaji / Readers Muse on March 4, 2016 - Format: Kindle Edition Generic plot, unique story    4 out of 5 stars FIRST IMPRESSION:   Hidden   Chamber   of   Death   has   one   of   the   most   unique   covers   I   have   ever   seen.   While   I   assumed   the   cover   was   simple   because   the   copy   I   had   received   was   an ARC,   I learnt   to   my   surprise   that   the   original   cover   was   a   plain   simple   one,   too. The   image   looked   like   a   Safe,   with   the   title   superimposed   in   simple   red   font. The   summary   was generic enough but the word banking conspiracy caught my attention. REVIEW: The   book's   prologue   made   me   read   it   twice,   being   caught   in   the   horrific   description   of   a   human   corpse.   I   have   read   gory   murder   thrillers   before,   being   a   fan   of   this genre.   But   the   way   the   carcass   was   described   made   me   read   it   more   than   once.   If   nothing,   the   prologue   set   the   mood   for   the   story   and   I   prepared   myself   to   expect   the upcoming murders. PI   Craig   Ingram,   an   ex   Navy   Seal   is   the   protagonist   of   this   story.   He   chases   a   psychotic   murderer,   trying   to   make   sense   of   random   deaths   that   would   surely   have   a common   connection. The   murders   are   described   gorily,   the   murderer   ruthless.   Ingram   finds   himself   attracted   to   a   widow,   trying   hard   to   find   the   killer   using   the   skills   his Navy days taught him. The description seems like any other murder mystery novel but where this book differs is in the execution and pace. Craig   Ingram   is   a   likeable,   reliable   PI,   giving   off   old   fashioned   vibes   in   his   thinking   and   approach.   The   story   follows   everything   given   in   the   summary,   things   are   not   as simple   as   they   seem   and   the   image   on   the   surface.   The   story   scores   much   in   the   twists   it   executes,   some   unexpected,   some   you   seem   to   be   mentally   preparing yourself   for. The   author   maintains   the   suspense   where   characters   are   concerned,   with   the   readers   guessing   about   the   credibility   of   most   characters   until   about   halfway through the book. This is a ordinary plot executed in an extraordinary way, a good start to a series. WHAT I LIKED: The cover was so simple - dragging more attention than it would if it were like the usual covers of this genre. The pace of the story. The prologue. WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN BETTER: The summary could have been a bit more intriguing. The story deserves it. The plot element one liner seems so simple, leaving all the work to be done by the story. VERDICT: Ordinary plot developed into a great story.
Reviewer:  Angelaon - March 2, 2016 - Great Series Opener!   -   5 out of 5 stars   Format: Paperback What   is   he/she   up   to?   I   love   asking   myself   that   question   when   I   read   a   mystery!   It   doesn't   always   happen   though.   I   found   myself   meeting   each   new   character introduced   by   MacKinney   with   a   little   doubt   and   skepticism. The   author   did   a   wonderful   job   keeping   a   little   mystery   around   his   characters--and   that   adds   so   much   to the   suspense   of   the   story.   While   I   wanted   to   like   (or   dislike)   characters   immediately--I   wasn't   sure   about   some   of   them   and   their   motivations.   I   like   wondering   about characters for a bit! I like that I grew to like and dislike characters through the plot development and not through each character's initial description. MacKinney   creates   more   than   a   likeable   hero   in   Ingram.   I   expected   to   like   the   main   character--but,   MacKinney   takes   it   a   step   further   in   that   he   made   me   want   to follow   the   main   character's   future   adventures   and   future   stories   from   the   series.   Ingram   is   an   "old   fashioned"   character,   I   think.   He's   the   dependable,   real-world,   guy that   everyone   wants   in   their   corner.   The   story   reminded   me   of   the   old   detective   shows   and   crime   dramas   that   I   watched   on   t.v.   with   my   Grandpa   when   I   was   a   little girl. It's not a dated story--it's just one of those books where you say, "You don't find someone like that everyday." Would   I   recommend   Hidden   Chamber   of   Death   by   Hawk   MacKinney? The   author   creates   an   action   packed,   suspenseful,   easy   to   read   story   with   characters   readers will   enjoy.   Readers   will   fall   easily   into   the   setting   through   the   the   author's   descriptions   and   dialogue--and   will   want   to   follow   future   Moccasin   Hollow   mysteries.   I would recommend this book to murder mystery fans--who also enjoy a bit of a conspiracy and creativity. I received a complimentary copy of this book for use in a blog review. All opinions are my own.
Reviewer:  Marilyn R Wilsonon - March 3, 2016 - Murder/thriller with a touch of romance    -    4 out of 5 stars    Format: Paperback Hidden   Chamber   of   Death   is   the   latest   mystery/thriller   (with   a   touch   or   romance)   by   prolific   author   Hawk   MacKinney.   For   this   genre   you   need   an   interesting   killer   and a   determined   pursuer.   I   leave   the   killer   a   mystery,   but   the   pursuer   in   this   case   is   retired   Navy   SEAL/part-time   PI   named   Craige   Ingram   who   has   a   strong   connection with   local   homicide   detective.   Graysen   MacGerald   (Gray).   Gray   calls   Ingram   in   when   he   needs   another   eye   to   look   at   a   case   and   the   death   he   is   investigating   just doesn't feel right. The   creepy,   sadistic   killer   character   moves   a   bit   in   the   shadows   in   this   story   -   only   being   truly   in   focus   in   when   on   the   hunt   for   a   new   victim.   While   his   first   murder was   discreet,   the   following   ones   have   increasing   savagery.   What   he   does   with   them   is   sick,   but   fortunately   the   acts   are   only   hinted   at   instead   of   described   step   by step - my preference for this type of book. Mixed   in   is   the   element   of   romance.   Terri   Wofford   Stanley,   a   beautiful   widow   with   a   teenage   son   to   raise.   takes   a   job   at   a   bank   and   ends   up   in   charge   of   an   account of   Ingram's.   The   attraction   is   instant   and   mutual.   It   doesn't   take   long   before   things   heat   up.   Unfortunately   the   killer   is   also   works   at   the   bank   and   Terri,   her   son   and Ingram all end up in his sights. What happens next? Well, you'll just have to pick up a copy and dive in. I   want   to   make   one   additional   comment.   This   book,   especially   the   second   half,   could   have   used   a   bit   of   polishing   in   terms   of   editing.   This   surprised   me   as MacKinney   is   an   experienced   author   with   many   books   to   his   credit.   I   laboured   over   reducing   the   star   rating   by   one   to   reflect   this,   but   eventually   decided   to   rate   it   on the story itself.
Reviewer:  Sherry Fundinon - March 11, 2016  - It's all good to me  -   3 out of 5 stars     Format: Paperback  Don’t let the cover for Hidden Chamber of Death by Hawk MacKinney fool you. This story is darker than you think. A   death   brings   ex-Navy   seal,   Craige   Ingram,   and   Terri,   a   recent   widow   and   bank   examiner,   together.   Embezzlement   puts   Terri   smack   dab   into   the   middle   of   danger. Craige will come to the rescue, which is what I expect from a hero. :-) Craige is a great guy. He takes you as you are, no bigotry, no judgments. A   grizzly   murder   and   a   psycho   serial   killer   always   catch   my   attention.   I   find   out   early   who   the   killer   is   but   there   is   more   going   on   than   murder.   A   death   starts   an inquiry into the bank records that someone desperately wants to keep quiet. A bit of romance, a psycho serial killer, greed, embezzlement…it’s all good to me. I’m   not   sure   what   it   was   about   the   writing,   but   it   seemed   a   bit   slow   and   I   stumbled   off   and   on…BUT,   the   ending   makes   it   all   worth   it,   so   read   on.   I   will   be   looking   for the next adventure into the Vault of Secrets. I received a copy of Hidden Chamber of Death by Hawk MacKinney in return for an honest review.
Reviewer: Jessica Cassidy - March 10, 2016 - Hidden Chamber of Death will make you breathless until the last page  -  5 out of 5 stars Format: Paperback Mystery is my second favorite genre to read. It could be an old or new author. I am interested to read their writings. A   new   mystery   author   to   adore   is   Mr.   Hawk   MacKinney.      My   very   first   time   to   read   his   writing.   I   become   a   new   fan.   You   should   check   out   his   book   as   well   if   you LOVE reading suspense. Just   like   regular   mystery   book,   Hidden   Chamber   of   Death   will   make   you   breathless   until   the   last   page.     You   will   LOVE      Craige   Ingram   the   Navy   Seal.   He   is      not   only a   hero   but   willing   to   continue   to   fight   and   solve   problems   in   different   way.   This   book   is   a   must   read. All   the   characters   will   make   you   guess   and   cannot   wait   to   find out   the   killer.   This   book   is   hard   to   put   it   down   and   looking   forward   to   read   the   next   book   of   the   series.   This   is   a   must   read.   I   cannot   wait   for   more   heart   thumping mystery book to read from Mr. MacKinney. Disclosure: I received the paperback copy of the book in exchange of my honest review.
Patricia, Room With Books - March 10, 2016   This first book in The Moccasin Trace Series an absolute thrill to read      5 out of 5 stars Format: Kindle Edition Disclaimer:   I   received   a   complimentary   copy   of   Hidden   Chamber   of   Death,   Book   One   of   The   Moccasin   Hollow   Mystery   Series,   by   Hawk   MacKinney   for   the   purpose of an honest review. It is my pleasure to have had the opportunity to read and review Hidden Chamber of Death by Hawk MacKinney. This   is   the   first   book   of   Mr.   MacKinney’s   that   I   have   read,   but   not   the   first   I   have   heard   of   his   writing.   He   has   been   a   frequent   visitor   here   on   Room   With   Books. And an author that it has been my pleasure to host time and again. I   was   not   disappointed   for   a   moment   with   Hidden   Chamber   of   Death.   I   love   the   way   Mr.   MacKinney   writes   his   characters,   real   enough   you   can   hear   them   talking   in your head as you read along and so alive you could almost reach out and touch them. The   search   for   a   psychotic   (no,   TRULY   psychotic)   killer   makes   this   first   book   in   The   Moccasin   Trace   Series   an   absolute   thrill   to   read.   I   know   I   consumed   Hidden Chamber of Death without hesitation once I began reading it. I   highly   recommend   Hidden   Chamber   of   Death,   Book   One   of   The   Moccasin   Hollow   Mystery   Series,   by   Hawk   MacKinney   and   encourage   you   to   pick   up   a   copy   right away. I can’t imagine anyone being disappointed with it! I   give   Hidden   Chamber   of   Death   by   Hawk   MacKinney   five   steaming   hot   cups   of   Room   With   Books   coffee   (the   first   cups   I’ve   given   since   learning   how   to   use   my   new Keurig ;-).)
Carlaon   -    March 2, 2016  -  I was constantly thrown off guard by what I thought would happen next and what really did happen – which is great!…  I really loved it   -   5 out of 5 stars        Format: Paperback While   this   novel   started   off   slower   than   I   expected   (I   found   I   kept   putting   it   down),   by   half   way   through   the   novel   I   did   not   want   to   put   it   down! The   novel   starts   off   with what   appears   to   be   a   simple   murder   and   then   evolves   into   this   complicated   layer   of   murder   and   deceit.   In   between   this   lies   the   budding   relationship   between   Craige and widow. The   buildup   of   the   murders   and   the   conspiracy   that   is   tied   into   it,   was   mind-blowing   and   at   times   definitely   not   what   I   was   expecting!   I   was   constantly   thrown   off guard   by   what   I   thought   would   happen   next   and   what   really   did   happen   –   which   is   great!   I   really   love   that   element   of   surprise   in   a   novel   and   this   one   was   full   of   it. Some of the murders were quite gruesome and really showed the inner workings of our criminal’s mind (and trust me I never saw the identity of him coming!). A stellar book that leaves you in suspense throughout and ready for more.
HIDDEN CHAMBER OF DEATH  Book Iof the Mocassin HollowMystery Series