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Hawk   has   been   hosted   on   numerous   blog   tours,   and   his   books   have   been   spotlighted   and   reviewed   internationally.   His   most recent   tours   focus   on   his   latest   release,   Westobou   Gold,   Book   2   in   The   Moccasin   Hollow   Mystery   Series.   For   the   complete   listings of scheduled tour stops, please visit by clicking on the links below: GODDESSFISH TOUR iREAD BOOK TOUR     
HAWK MacKINNEY Author - Public Speaker
 Dec 12toDec 302016 Join us for this SPOTLIGHT tour from Nov 14 to Nov 25 of 2016! iRead Book Tour Nov 14toNov  252016 Join us for this BOOK REVIEW tour from Jan 16 to Jan 27 of 2017! iRead Book Tour Jan 16toJan 272017